Restaurant & Café

Relax and enjoy

Our restaurant is known for its good food. Here the chef cooks itself. Mr. Rifat Shala. Our café is open from 10:00 clock.

With warm food we serve from 12:00 midday until 23:00 clock, every day from 12:00 to 17:00 clock we offer you for a price of 7.50 euros three days eating at: each a meat dish, a pasta dish and a vegetarian dish. To 23:00 clock You have the choice among our pizzas, quiche and salads.

These are freshly prepared in the kitchen. … What you will find in our food and beverages, you will taste and patronize – we are convinced. Have a look at our map. Then take a look at the best the same with us `pure.

In our leafy Street Car

A tea or a refreshing drink? Of course, the cozy atmosphere invites to dinner. And not only alone from the regulars and the hotel guests this will be appreciated. No – it is observed that so many can not ignore it,be invited here and who is here like to draw to get past it can easily in our courtyard, under the `coolen` Pergola of the memo, or evening “inside” the “Sit Inn” in the memo

Making friends hospitality.