Breakfast give it to morning. All buns still there. Which are eaten. Partially also taken by the guests. OK. With fresh bread we continue to noon. And even after this. Fresh baguettes go though the lead after midday. But the fresh rolls stay with us in the race. So breakfast is allowed with us all day.

Small breakfast: Fresh bread and rolls with three slices of sausage and cheese, a boiled egg, jam and butter 6.9 € MEMO BREAKFAST:. The two slices of sausage and cheese, tomato, mozzarella, fried eggs, two, cereal, yogurt, butter, jam, bread rolls, including a hot drink and a glass of orange juice 11.8 €
CLASSIC BREAKFAST: a slice of sausage and cheese, scrambled eggs, butter, jam, a roll and baguette 6.5 € Full Breakfast: Fresh baguettes and rolls, two slices of salami and cheese, tomato, mozzarella, scrambled eggs, butter, jam, including a hot drink and a glass of orange juice. 10.8 €

Hit Burger

For all burgers are served with desired optional mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise or barbecue – sauce.

Giant Hit – Burger “French Fries” 180g Giant – Hamburger grilled in sesame seed bun with onions, tomato slices, gherkin and French fries 6.9 €
Giant Hit – Burger “Garden” 180g Giant – Hamburger grilled in sesame seed bun with onions, tomato slices, gherkin and salad garnish 8.8 €
Giant Hit – Burger “Cheese” 180g Giant – Hamburger grilled in sesame seed bun with onions, tomato slices, gherkin and cheese with fries colorful peppers 8.8 €
Giant Hit – Burger “a la Memo” 180g Giant – Hamburger grilled in sesame seed bun with onions, tomato slices, gherkin and salad garnish 9.2 €
Turkey – Burger Grilled turkey steak in sesame seed bun with onions, tomato slices, gherkin and French fries 9.2 €


Minestrone Spicy Vegetable Soup 4.1 €
Tomato soup from sun-ripened tomatoes, basil 4.3 €
French onion soup with cheese au gratin 4.5 €


Our savory appetizers we will prepare not to match your palate. For the “little appetite” as well as wine or beer, we can recommend our starters just like having a salad for “average appetite” :)

Oven Fresh garlic baguette with olives 6.5 €
Feta cheese in pan with tomatoes, peppers, onions, peppers, olives and baguette 8.8 €
Grilled feta cheese topped with tomato sauce, served with baguette 8.7 €
Baked feta cheese in foil with tomatoes, peppers, olives, peppers, garlic and baguette 8.8 €
Grilled pepperoni topped with feta cheese and garlic, served with baguette 8.9 €
Scampi al ajillo scampi on Spies in garlic oil, with hot peppers and garlic baguette 9.5 €


Ingredients can easily search: Salads “green vegetables” – always fresh herbs “pure medicine” – so pure fruit “of vitamins” – I think taste good ingredients from the kitchen – “the best preparation” cookery “secret” – the boss is all you need for a delicious salad. – To 23:00 clock you can in addition to the offered salads and our pizzas select and order

Mixed salad Small mixed salad with tomatoes, cucumber and egg 6.1 €
CAPRESE tomato slices with mozzarella, olive oil and fresh basil on leaf salads 7.3 €
Greek salad rounded with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives and hot peppers, oregano 8.5 €
SALAD AMERICA baked Many salads with mozzarella sticks in herb coating 5 8 €
SALAD NICE crisp salads, mixed with tuna, onion, egg, peppers and olives 8.6 €
Chef Salad A colorful serving of fresh salads with cucumber slices, tomato, boiled egg, topped with finest cheese and ham strips 8.6 €
FLORIDA SALAD Tender grilled turkey breast on a colorful mixture crisp salads with fresh mushrooms, egg, kiwi, pineapple and orange segments 9.8 €
SCAMPI SALAD Best salads with boiled egg, cucumber, onion rings and fried in olive oil scampi skewers, served with garlic sauce 10.8 €
Side salad 4.5 €

Baked Potatos

If you like baked potatoes do not have to migrate to the American neighborhood or in the nearby Pfalz! Very comfortable Baked Potatoes in MEMO order – and you will recommend our baked potatoes ..

Baked potato with delicious Ranch cream and cheese, salad garnish 6.1 €
MR POTATO GREEN`S filled with delicious Ranch cream, spinach, onions and mushrooms and topped with melted cheese, salad garnish 7.3 €
MEMO’S POTATO filled with delicious Ranch cream, feta cheese and spinach and topped with melted cheese, salad garnish 8.5 €
CHICKEN POTATO filled with delicious Ranch cream, turkey breast, fresh mushrooms, corn and onions and topped with melted cheese, salad garnish 8 €

Freshly prepared Tarte from the stone oven.

Alsatian gratin with bacon, onion and cheese 7.5 €
NOTRE DAME topped with bacon, onions, mushrooms and cheese 7.8 €
ATHENS with feta cheese, peppers and tomatoes 7.8 €
CARPRESE with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil 7.8 €


For every meat dish we serve a side salad.

Pork steak from the grill () with herb butter and fried potatoes 11.9 €
“Wiener Schnitzel” of pork loin with french fries 10.5 €
Schnitzel “Hunter Style” of pork loin with french fries 11.9 €
Rahmschnitzel with homemade spaetzle 11.5 €
STEAK of turkey breast “HOFMEISTER ART” with herb butter and French fries 11.8 €
GRILLED TURKEY BREAST “ENGADIN ART” au gratin and noodles with tomatoes and cheese 12.8 €
Pork Cordon Bleu stuffed with ham and cheese, French fries 12.5 €
Cordon Bleu “ATHENS” filled with feta cheese and peppers, with croquettes 11.2 €
Beef steak with herb butter and fried potatoes 15.8 €

Finger Food

Who does not want to eat with your fingers his French course also gets a cutlery .

CHIPS With Ketchup 4 €
WEDGES piquant spiced and baked potato wedges with Ranch Dip 5 €
7 POULTRY NUGGETS with delicious ranch dip and salad garnish 7.8 €
Chicken Wings “Wild Wingers”according to original Canadian recipe: 10 honey breaded chicken wings with ranch dip and Wedges 10.5 €
XXL barbeque DISH with: 3 poultry nuggets, 3 Mozarellasticks, 3 chicken wings, wedges, with delicious ranch dip and ketchup 10.9 €

For our little guests

GOOFY SPAGHETTI with tomato sauce 5 €
BAMBINO KIDS SCAVENGER with french fries and ketchup 6 €

Giant rösti variations with salad garnish

Originally coming from the German Rösti Switzerland. . Jokingly is also spoken by the border of the German- and French-speaking Switzerland from the “rift” Here with us you may enjoy this specialty in international variations Bon appetit Bon appetit — — Buon appetito — Good appetite:

GIANTS RÖSTI “UMBRIA” with vegetables, onions, tomatoes, grated cheese, pepper and garlic 9.8 €
GIANTS RÖSTI “Toscana” with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil 9.8 €
GIANTS RÖSTI “HAWAI” au gratin with ham, tomatoes, pineapple and cheese 9.8 €
GIANTS RÖSTI “SICILY” au gratin with ham, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, pepper, thyme and cheese 10.3 €
GIANTS RÖSTI “CALABRIA” topped with shrimp, julienne vegetables, onions, spinach and cheese 10.8 €


Simply a delight!

APFELSTRUDEL served warm with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 5.3 €
SUNDAE “FRAMBOISE” vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries 5.1 €


Fresh ! prepared stone oven! Pizzas! Well, with so many exclamation marks – the pizzas can be, according to pre-order, of course, precisely ordered in tangible pizza box to 23 o clock work – only to pick up, run, and taste home … And how would it be with a salad to – because The just waiting to be ordered together waiting. – To 23:00 clock you can also find among our pizzas offered in addition to salads select and order. –

1. Pizza Margherita with tomato sauce and mozzarella 6.9 €
2. Pizza salami with extra salami 7.5 €
3. Pizza Mista with ham, salami, mushrooms and 8.6 €
4. Pizza Capricciosa with ham, salami, mushrooms and sausages 8.8 €
5. Pizza Quattro Stagioni with ham, mushrooms, olives and artichokes 8.4 €
6. Pizza Hawai with ham and pineapple 7.9 €
7. Pizza Diavolo with Pepperonisalami and capers 8.4 €
8. Pizza Napoli with anchovies, shrimp, onions and oregano 8.9 €
9. Pizza Calzone stuffed with ham and mushrooms 8.2 €
10. Pizza Frutti di Mare with seafood and garlic 8.9 €
11. Memo Pizza with broccoli, feta cheese, spinach and mushrooms 8.9 €
12. Pizza Gorgonzola with gorgonzola cheese 7.4 €
13. Pizza bread with olive oil 4 €
14. Pizza bread with garlic, oregano and olive oil


Delicious pasta – cooked to your choice either with spaghetti, rigatoni, penne or tagliatelle.

1. e Basilico pasta al pomodoro with tomato sauce and basil 6.80 €
2. Pasta Bolognese with minced meat 8.50 €
3. Pasta Quattro Formaggi with four different cheeses 7.60 €
4. Pasta Marinara with seafood 8.90 €
5. Pasta Gorgonzola gorgonzola and cream sauce 7.20 €
6. Pasta Arabiata with olives, pepperoni, garlic and tomato sauce 7.90 €
7. Pasta Sorrentina with mozzarella, basil and tomato sauce 7.40 €
8. Pasta Aglio with sharp pepperoni, garlic and olive oil 7.20 €

Ala Season

Winter time – wild time … Our game dishes in the memo:

Tender venison with potato dumplings, red cabbage and homemade apple cranberry 16.9 €
Noble deer stew with dumplings and cranberries 15.8 €
Vanilla ice cream with cinnamon plums 6.5 €